Welcome to the official website of Rubin Refined Sunflower Oil.
Refined sunflower oil “Rubin” is a high-quality product produced by “RUBIN 08” OOD, Blagoevgrad.
The subject of the company’s activity includes the production of refined and unrefined oils, sunflower meal, bottling of refined oils, purchase and production of agricultural products, trading, storage and export of both grain and bottled and bulk sunflower oils for Western and Eastern Europe, and Arab countries such as Iraq and Syria. Rubin bottled oil is a brand that suits everyone European norms and chemical analyses. Every batch produced by the enterprise is given for examination in a neutral licensed laboratory, such as Bulgarkontrol, for chemical analysis of works product. The certificate issued by Bulgarkontrol is valid worldwide and is proof of high quality.

Bulk refined oils are exported abroad using our own chrome-nickel tank trucks steel intended for the transport of food products in bulk. The production workshops and bottling of “Rubin” oil are equipped with modern equipment and work according to the classic technology for oil production. The bottling line is fully automatic with a capacity of 96,000 bottles in 24 hours. The line is managed by operators who monitor the precision of the machines without being directly involved in the bottling process.

The quality of raw materials and finished products is controlled by a well-equipped factory laboratory. The technological staff and the management team consist of well-prepared and trained specialists. The company’s trade list includes – refined and unrefined oil, refined sunflower oil “Rubin”, bottled in 1L, 5L and 10L, sunflower meal with a high protein content. Sunflower oil with the brand “Rubin” is synonymous with high and guaranteed quality at a low price. Through this product “RUBIN 08” Ltd. strives to satisfy the increased consumer demands such as continuously invests in improving the quality and design of Rubin oil.

In 2015, “RUBIN 08” Ltd. built and put into operation a bleached seed workshop with a capacity of 100 tons per 24 hours. The production is intended both for the countries in Western and Eastern Europe as well as for the Arab countries, USA, South Korea and others. The workshop has high-tech machines, which are a prerequisite for the super quality of the finished product.