plagiarism check website“Rubin” is a high quality product created by “RUBIN 08” LTD. Blagoevgrad. The principal activities of the Company include production of refined and unrefined oils, sunflower meal,bottling of refined oils and sale trade of agricultural production.Trade, storage and export of both the grain and bottled and draught sunflower oil to Western and Eastern Europe and Arab countries such as Iraq and Syria. Bottled oil “Rubin” is a brand that meets all European standards and chemical analyzes. Each batch manufactured by the company is given for testing in a neutral licensed laboratory, Balgarkontrol for chemical analysis of produced product. The certificate issued by Balgarkontrol applies worldwide and is proof of the high quality. Draught refined oil is exported abroad with comapnie’s own tankers of chrome-nickel steel, designed for the transport of foodstuffs in bulk form. Production and sunflower bottling plants “Rubin” use the latest technologies for the classic method of oil production. The bottling line is fully automated with a capacity of 96,000 bottles per 24 hours. The line is guided by operators who monitor the accuracy of the machines without participating directly in bottling process. Quality of raw materials and finished products is controlled by well-equipped factory laboratory. Technological personnel and management team consist of well prepared and trained professionals. Trade leaves the company include – refined and unrefined oil, refined sunflower oil “Rubin” bottled in 1L, 5L and 10l, sunflower meal with high protein content. Sunflower oil brand “Rubin” is synonymous with high quality and guaranteed low price. “RUBIN 08” LTD. is seeking through this product to meet increased customer demands by investing continuously to improve the quality and design of the products.spelling and grammar check